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AB870L - LED Water Plume Light Kit (black)

AB870L - LED Water Plume Light Kit (black)

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Product Code: AB870L

Similar to the AB870 kit, the AB870L gives your fountain a water "plume" effect, while it employs LED lighting. Differing from the AB870, this kit comes in all black and includes two removable barb adapters in 3/4- and 1/2-inch sizes, allowing you to connect to different sizes of tubing water sources. Also used for the 2185 Lighthouse. The light is rated at 3000 kelvin, which provides a warm, white tone.

For ease of set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting, this underwater light kit features a pre-attached 18-inch cord which connects to a 16-foot extension cord. See your fountain's instructions at henristudio.com for further details.

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